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Running a business involves managing multiple tasks that challenge you endlessly. You need to be on top of everything that is happening in your company. Frequently, you find yourself stuck because you do not remember some critical information or have not organized your task correctly.

While taking down notes is the traditional way to take care of your essential tasks, most of the time you lose the notes or forget about their existence. Fortunately, we have technological advances that come to our rescue in such scenarios.

With productivity centric apps like the note-taking apps, you can quickly take care of the stacks of notes or missing notes. Since the records hold crucial information that you cannot afford to lose, it makes sense to save them where you can quickly reach them and also keep them safe. You can take digital notes on your smartphone which are easy to use and store and readily accessible.

There are several favourite note-taking apps available now many of which are free to use (at least the basic version). However, with all digital technologies, these apps also face security issues like hacking or data harvesting for AI and machine learning purposes, which you have to consider before you use them. Here is a more in-depth insight into note-taking apps and their significance in boosting your productivity.

Taking Control of Your Time

Note-taking apps are part of the deluge of productivity apps that are taking the business world by storm. They enhance workflow and save plenty of time that you spend on an extensive range of tasks.
With smartphone becoming an indispensable part of your day to day life, having these apps on your mobile, as well as desktop or table, allows you to work from anywhere and anytime.

Further, the apps work across a range of platforms, including desktop, mobile phone, and tablets so that you can wield control over your business in your own time.

Enhancing Business Productivity

Note-taking apps help increase knowledge and work efficiency inside an organization. They aid in sharing information and tracking it. At present, many companies, as well as individuals, use these applications to ensure the improvement of their work outcome. Some of the ways by which productivity is enhanced by these apps include:

• Switch over to a paperless organization. You can minimize the papers you use routinely by taking snapshots of documents, business receipts, business cards, manuals, invitations, instructions, sketches, and manuscripts and discard/recycle the hard copy.

• Store essential business documents like business plans, proposals, minutes of the business meeting, testimonials, emails, charts, data sheets, annual reports and more, and access them regularly. You can even store signed contracts.

• With these apps, you can virtually take your office with you wherever you go. Since the apps are portable, you can have ready access to your business information. You just have to use your tablet or smartphone and access the files you need.

• You can create templates for email replies, presentation outline, new client agreement form, task lists, and much more.

Thus, with the note-taking apps, you can save time and focus on the core business functions, so your productivity is increased manifold. You can complete projects and tasks more quickly and automate them, making it easy to meet your business goals.

A Glimpse of the Popular Note-taking Apps Available Now

Here are some note-taking apps used by small business owners and entrepreneurs for efficient functioning. Ranging from paid to free versions, the features in these apps give you a definite advantage in your day to day task management.


This app is part of Microsoft Office Suite. You can also download the web version of this app for free, but it does not have as many features as the paid Windows version. It is compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows devices. The interface is modeled, based on the physical notebook and lets you create several journals with labeling for easy access.

Features present include typing notes with a stylus, drawing with finger or cursor, adding audio files, photos, excel spreadsheets, online videos, and audio files, and record video and audio directly.
The shared notebook feature is unique as it helps immensely with group projects. It is compatible with Outlook, allowing you to create as well as assign tasks for employees, keep track of your tasks and manage them.

Google Keep

It is a much simpler and free version for note-taking, checklists, and organization. It is compatible with most platforms, the interface is straightforward, but reading long notes is very difficult with the interface.

However, its note-taking feature is easy for checklists and short notes. Taking photos of files and editing them is easy and saving images is also possible. You can share notes with your team members or employees and set reminders, so you meet your deadlines well before time.


It is one of the most well-known apps out there that has a free and paid version. If you intend to use it on multiple devices, you have to spend an additional amount on the apps. It is compatible with all commonly used platforms like the other two apps. The interface is attractive and easy to use.

Note-taking capabilities include typing, using a stylus, sketch tool or finger. You can save audio, video, documents, and photos. It is also possible to record audio and add text or parts from web pages and images by snagging them.

The app has password protection for the notes to avoid privacy violation issues. The app had some privacy issues earlier this year which was later rectified by the makers. If you are looking to buy Evernote for your business, it is best to purchase the Evernote business app and make use of the collaborative features provided by it. You also have to be aware that Evernote has access to your data and harvests it for training its machine learning software.

Downsides of Note-taking Apps

Every app has its own high and low points. A feature that may seem crucial for one individual will not be of much consequence to another. In general, here are some drawbacks of the apps. Evernote has certain downsides like having to pay a higher subscription rate and changes in the basic subscription plan. You can use only two devices maximum with the app. If you use multiple devices, you have to pay for the usage.

One Note is not suitable for syncing over several computers as Evernote. It is more of a knowledge database. Furthermore, the free version works only with a stable internet connection.

Google Keep lacks sorting feature. You can only drag and drop your notes to organize them but cannot classify them.

How do the apps measure on the safety metric?

Note-taking apps pose a significant security risk as they are afflicted by different types of bugs that spoil user experience and also give way to unauthorized access. Any app that allows users to store information on the Cloud is subject to such security risks. However, when you are cautious about the information you upload and select apps that have better security measures in place and rank high on the efficiency meter, it is possible to boost productivity by using these apps.

There are several other apps such as Bear, which has risen to fame in recent times; it is fast, simple, and more powerful to use that you can choose from but it is only available for Apple devices. To capitalize on the various advantages of the note-taking apps, you need to accept an app that meets your specific business requirements. Sometimes, having two separate note-taking apps for different organizational tasks also works your purpose. Or, you can just choose an app that ticks all the boxes which is possible if you select wisely (innocent hint: give Cylix Pro a whirl).

An Overview of Productivity Boosting Note-Taking Apps
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An Overview of Productivity Boosting Note-Taking Apps
With productivity centric apps like the note-taking apps, you can quickly take care of the stacks of notes or missing notes.
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