Practices in Key Management for Encrypted Data: Assigning Roles

With the right tools, it is not difficult for your business to lock away encrypted data, safe from unauthorized eyes. But managing the encryption keys can feel like a headache you don't want to add to your daily business chores, especially when you are a small or medium business with a tight budget. No matter [...]

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Does Your Business Environment Have Top Notch Security?

If you understand security is about protecting the data, you're only half right. True, protecting data is a topmost priority today. Businesses run on data, which includes documents and media, as well as electronic data. In this information age, if an organization fails to protect its data, it won't be successful. But that's enough about [...]

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Is There An Ultimate Linux Software for Knowledge Management?

There can be two ways of approaching the question in the title. If the answer should be a roundup of the best knowledge management Linux software, with a finger pointing towards the top of the list, then we’d humbly suggest Cylix does its best to keep all your various data and information organized in one [...]

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Are You Using Technology for Time Management to Increase Business Productivity?

What is business productivity? Here at AllSoft, we talk about it a lot. Productivity can seem like an abstract philosophy difficult to quantify. At one level, you can tell that it's a quality which makes something profitable or useful. You can also see it as a state of mind, where you use every moment for [...]

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Your Code Snippet May Be Your Digital Fingerprint

Some programmers don't follow any code standards. If you know their style, you can usually spot them from a code snippet they've written. Lack of indentations, comments on every line, curly braces in the same line are all signatures that programmers leave behind. You probably have a signature of your own, that makes your code [...]

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Have You Issued Guidelines for Encrypted Application & Data?

Every business must have a data security policy, not only for the IT team but their employees as well. An encrypted application like Cylix or your webmail encryption software will do its bit of putting up a wall against a breach. But to prevent a violation in the first place, your employees need to know [...]

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Mac OS Note Taking: More Than a Scratch Pad

No note-taking app can do the actual work for you, but it can certainly make your task of jotting down notes easier. When the purpose is to take quick notes, simplicity is key. But so are functionality and flexibility, which we have tried to offer with our own Mac OS Note taking app. The ideal [...]

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3 Powerful Note Taking Efficiency Tips for the Workplace

If you spend much of your workday at presentations and meetings, you probably take a lot of notes. If you don't, you should. More people should be taking notes at meetings since it keeps the mind engaged with the topic at hand. Windows note taking or taking notes on your Mac is a fool proof [...]

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Challenges of Encrypted Applications

Encrypted Applications An encrypted application like Cylix secures data on your device and ensures that others don't compromise sensitive information even if their devices fall into the wrong hands. But encryption doesn't stop at the database. There are several potential encryption layers that you can target. The higher up the ladder you go, [...]

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What Kind of Online Document Editor can Enhance Your Business Productivity?

User productivity The use of online document editors is increasingly becoming common based on the numerous advantages they offer to the users. For example, they are more robust than offline apps and often offer more advanced features compared to the latter. Further, they can be accessed from anywhere on this earth and modified [...]

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