With previous version 2, we only released a MacOS and Windows version, as various compatibility issues delayed our Linux launch. With newly released version 2.1, Linux is back with all the greatest Cylix features supported on Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora and Debian.

Hardware-based authentication with Yubikey One Time Password (OTP)

Cylix Yubikey One Time Password

This is a big one. We doubled down on our security drive with hardware-based authentication. Use Cylix with Yubikey OPT natively and securely to store data, documents, notes and secrets. NO secrets ever touched or stored by Cylix team or any other third party for the matter.

When creating a new project, simply long press your Yubikey button to fill in your preset password. Should your Yubikey be a new device, you can go to Settings and set a new password onto your Yubikey with our built-in option.


Local Backup & Compression

This is one small step for Cylix in providing full remote backup functionality. Simply go to Settings and click on the Backup button next to Backup Data, select a desired location and your project will be backed up and archived in a .zip file.

Cylix App Tray Minimization with Drag & Drop functionality

We know too many open apps in the toolbar is a pain, so we have now implemented the option to minimize Cylix to the tray while being able to drag & drop any local files which will be automatically recognized and associated to the corresponding MIME type. Want to open the application again? Click on the tray icon and select Show.

Application Notifications

Opened a new project? Confirmed. Manually saved a file? Confirmed. Sometimes confirming doubts and reinforcing ideas is a good thing and this is where notifications will come in handy without being intrusive.

Screen Reader / Screenshots

In order to save time when looking to take a screenshot and import it in Cylix, we have added  Screen Reader option which allows you to take a screenshot of your desktop from within Cylix. Click on Screen Reader icon on the main left toolbar, take a screenshot or select an area and save it in Cylix directly as an image or locally.

Object Character Recognition (OCR) – Windows only

We’ve been meaning to add OCR to Cylix for quite a while now, unfortunately, technical challenges on MacOS and Linux platforms have delayed this release. It is here now, for Windows version only, with MacOS and Linux to follow. Just click on Screen Reader icon on the main left toolbar, take an image screenshot and then hit the OCR button.