You have probably used Notepad at least once in your life. It is the most widely used software for taking notes by Microsoft. Although Word is the most commonly used documenting software, Notepad is preferred for short notes. The simple user interface of Notepad allows you to add notes quickly. Cylix also provides attractive features for Windows Note taking. In this article, we will see how Cylix helps you do this, and we will also see other features of the Windows version of Cylix.

Creating a new project

To create a new file, you need to select the location first. Any safe place on your local hard drive can be chosen. If you are about to add any secure information like your credit card details, you can set a strong password. That ensures that your data is protected. It is the main advantage that Cylix gives you. We provide the facility for password-protected Windows note taking.

Next, you can select what type of file you want to create. Cylix gives you many options like code viewer, PDF viewer, image editor, text editor, etc. You can create multiple files in the project and toggle between them. We will discuss using the text editor.

Working with text

You can add notes in different ways. The simplest way is to type in the inbuilt text editor. There are options for aligning the text, and for copying and pasting. There is also a ‘select all’ button.¬†Also, you can open an existing Notepad document, and Cylix will import the text. You can easily copy and paste text from other documents. While you can’t directly import data from a Word or Excel document, the feature of copy and paste allows you to record your data in Cylix quickly. The WYSIWYG Web editor has advanced copy/paste integration with Word and Excel.

By default, Cylix shows line numbers in your notes. You can choose to turn this off by clicking a button available in the toolbar above text.

Cylix also enables you to work with tables too. You can easily add rows and columns, and the TAB key can be used to toggle between cells quickly. There is also an attractive feature called Diff by which you can compare two files side by side.

Working with PDF

The Cylix PDF viewer gives you all the necessary functionalities. You can zoom in and out of a file. There is a hand tool for moving around a zoomed file, and there is a list of pre-set zooms available to choose from. If you are viewing a PDF that is full of images, there is an option to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise and you can make use of the sidebar for toggling quickly between pages. You could also copy text from a PDF file.

Working with images

Cylix supports most of the picture formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc. There are options for cropping and resizing your image. You can also magnify the photo or rotate it. Additional features like inverting, sharpening, smoothing, etc. are available.

The color-adjust feature allows you change the RGB proportion of an image. You can see a preview in the side and accept when it’s changed to your satisfaction.

Windows note taking made secure

Cylix uses SQLite Database Backend (.sb) format for storing your files. Aforementioned is a secure format and can be viewed using the Cylix software only. Cylix insists that you set a password for your project. It ensures the protection of your data. AES-256 data encryption is used, and this makes your passwords very difficult to hack. The file can be opened only with your password.

You can have different types of files in a single project. All file types like text, picture, PDF, etc. can be stored under a single project with a single password. There is also a provision for adding separate folders within the same project. The password can be of any length. You should use numbers, letters and special characters or a combination of all these in creating your password.

Cylix can be an excellent tool for Windows note taking, especially if you are concerned about the security of your data. We are striving on adding more features to the editors. You can suggest any features to make our editors better.

How Cylix helps in Windows Note taking
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How Cylix helps in Windows Note taking
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