Are you tired of the short deadlines, disorder, and disarray in your office? Document management software is an ideal choice to bring order and efficiency to your company. In addition to being eco-friendly, managing your documents gives you more control over your business and most importantly averts many risky situations that arise out of poor management. You can accomplish a plethora of tasks quickly and efficiently with proper document management software. This post will provide you with a review of top 3 document management software (DMS).

Before we see the reviews, here are some essential considerations on choosing the best document management software:

Features and Functions

When it comes to DMS, you need to have as many features and functions as possible. It helps you to keep the different types of documents in a well-organized and easy-to-access manner. Some of the critical services a DMS should have are:

 Support search filters to identify information quickly
 Versioning to help automatic file updates and avoid errors
 Permissions to monitor social community and identify people who can delete or edit files
 Support popular document formats and upgrades to newer version
 Online editing feature
 Access offline and via mobile
 Support via chat and phone

Save Time

Time is money both in business and otherwise. When aiming at boosting the efficiency of your company, having the excellent document management software, helps immensely. With DMS, you can make use of the search filter feature to identify any file you need instantly instead of wasting precious time, searching the entire office for it.

Share and Store Files

When you have a central database for all your relevant documents, it will be easy to use them. You can share the documents internally and externally, using system links or in password-encrypted folders to ensure high security. The audit tracking feature helps identify mistakes, inefficiencies, edits or views in the document, thereby enabling efficient document management.

Anytime Access

Since DMS software helps to store information on the cloud, you will be able to access data from any location at any given time. With mobile access feature, you can get to use the DMS anywhere provided you have internet connectivity.

Keep Your Documents Secure

DMSs are designed with a robust safety mechanism that keeps your documents from being hacked. All information is safely protected.

Organize and Integrate

An ideal DMS can seamlessly integrate with other third-party applications, ensuring your workflow is time efficient and accurate. Thus, you will not have to convert or use any additional programs to share files with external contacts. And with DMS, you can efficiently organize, segregate, and prioritize all data, preventing chaotic document management that can severely affect your bottom line.

So, now that you know the crucial features and benefits of document management software let us look at two DMS available now.

1. Templafy

It is a comprehensive document management solution that provides various significant features. It helps to integrate all vital office solutions and suites that businesses use routinely. The document management system helps to keep all documents of the company compliant and in alignment with the brand. The software also supports large-scale operations effectively with its capacity to handle larger document size and employees routinely.

The primary features of the solution include:
 Works on mobile, desktop, and web platforms, so you can have access to your documents from your smartphones, tablets, and computers
 Covers document management, feedback, collaboration, and editing
 Integrated with MS Office and is cloud-based
 Free trial is available
 Automatic checks on compliance can be done
 It is easy to give employee feedback

This document management software eliminates dealing with fragmented and time-consuming document segregation and management. It helps to create a wide range of files inside a system and allows you to manage them efficiently from one unified feed.

 The Interface is straightforward to use
 Mobile apps are available
 Is a wee bit expensive

2. M-Files

M-Files document software helps identify duplication. You will not have to fret about facing binary files and the chaos it triggers as the software supports recognize any repetition. It provides you with a useful document management solution by boosting internal workflow and ensuring all crucial information is secured fully. All files are gathered under a single vault, and it is easy to find the file you want as the system categorizes them by various types, including date, project, client, and more. Data synchronization is a key feature in the solution, thus offering better flexibility.
Important features include:
• Supports mobile and web platform
• It encompasses editing, document management, and duplication analysis
• It is a cloud-based software with MS Office and Salesforce CRM integration
• Free 30-day trial is present

 Integration is very useful
 Is very customizable in terms of custom workflows and database connections externally
 Is too limited to use for a larger operation
 Support is not good

What we currently offer with Cylix

Cylix is an innovative document management application that helps to manage, save, centralize, and access all types of informal and formal content. The software solution helps provide an affordable, secure, and efficient document management. Moreover, the application is free for charity, education, and personal use.
Essential features of the software include:
• It helps users to create notes, edit and view text, excerpt or web page, copy paste MS Office (Word & Excell) documents content, photo, code snippet or PDF files, markdown and also database-backed spreadsheets
• The notes can also be converted to large documents, exported, categorized, edited, and searched
• Encryption in the form AES-256 and RSA-2048 efficiently helps safeguard the data
• It is 508, WCAG 2.0, and WAI-ARIA compliant. It ensures users get a very potent text editor that adheres to the guidelines for web content accessibility and provides them with a perfect user interface

 Forever free Lite version
 Portable, cross-platform, and in-memory application
 High level of safety
 Good support
 Cheap as chips Pro version

When compared to Templafy and M-Files, Cylix could emerge as a reliable option with its cost-effectiveness, decent support, and most importantly robust security measures. It also scores as high as it gets in performance with its C++ backed framework. It ensures businesses receive the most benefits from the software solution.
When it comes to selecting the right document management solution for your business, whether it is a small, large or medium scale IT business, it is crucial for the answer to meet your basic functionalities. When faced with a never-ending bundle of documents and files, having a solution that ticks all the cases regarding ease of use, fast deployment, and cost-effectiveness, Cylix could be an ideal choice.

It has a highly enriched and easy-to-use interface (well for IDE familiar devs anyway) that makes navigation a breeze and is also intuitive. The implementation of the software is quick. You can easily transition to the system without any downtime or lose any of your valuable company information. With the low-cost Pro version, Cylix provides a definite value for money. The vast list of features and functionalities the software exhibits makes it one of the most efficient and cost-effective document management software solutions available now. And it only gets better, just give it a wee while.

Document Management for Seamless and Streamlined Operations
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Document Management for Seamless and Streamlined Operations
Managing your documents gives you more control over your business and most importantly averts many risky situations that arise out of poor management. You can accomplish a plethora of tasks quickly and efficiently with proper document management software.
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