Data encryption is the answer to protecting your valuable data, and nobody wants their sensitive information in the hands of strangers. Encryption ensures that any unauthorized access to your data is preventable. Are you hesitant in storing your sensitive data in Cylix? This article will remove your doubts.

All data encryption tools use security keys. The safety of your data is determined by how secure those keys are. A key with a longer code ensures that your data is more secure from hackers.
Keys should be well protected, and the access to them should be limited. All the access to sensitive data should be enterable in a register. Aforementioned ensures that any anomalies in the data access can are identifiable fast.

How important is data encryption?

By encrypting data, your sensitive and personal information is transformed into cipher text. That means that data is changed into an unreadable format. It can be decrypted only by the person having the security key. This key – your password – means that even if a hacker gets access to your data, he/she cannot read it without the password.

This approach ensures that only the password holder can read the sensitive information. ‘Locking’ the information this way helps you protect things like your credit card information, tax details, and other such data. For good security, it is prudent that you should set a strong password and not write it down anywhere. Cylix advises you to remember your password and not to share it with anyone.

What are data encryption standards used by Cylix?

Cylix uses the most secure encryption standard, namely AES-256. AES is short for Advanced Encryption Standard. AES 256 uses a 256-bit key for protecting your data. It is the most widely used encryption and is preferred by many governments and banks. RSA-2048 further protects this encryption key.

RSA is one of the public key cryptosystems. It has a very slow and complex algorithm and is used only for small amounts of data. In the case of Cylix, RSA is used to secure the AES key used.

The key is only available while the project is open. Once the project/application is closed, Cylix disposes of the key. But you have the responsibility of keeping the password safe. Hackers can’t access data unless they know your password. In short, your precious data is under a two-layer security in Cylix.

In a transparency drive, we have published our first white paper – Encryption Overview, which details on a technical level how this highly important aspect of our application is handled and implemented.

Can I set passwords for separate notes?

Cylix does not allow you to use a password for individual notes. What you can do is create different projects for various needs and purposes. You may not need a password to lock a list for buying groceries and things like that, but if you are taking notes or storing documents on the financial data of your company, you will want to secure it. By using our secure Cylix digital organizer app, you can choose whether or not to lock different notes. Every time you create a new project, you will be asked for a password which is mandatory. Business users are some of the most concerned with data encryption. Students, on the other hand, may not care so much whether their class notes are secure or not. Cylix is a user-friendly platform for all kinds of users.

Am I safe from cyber attacks?

When a cyber-attack like WannaCry happens, your local system is compromised. In such a situation, all data stored in your system may become vulnerable. Here comes the advantage of storing your data locally encrypted and backing it up in the cloud or other remote solutions. With Cylix, your data is safe on your company’s servers.
But if you export your data to your local disk, outside of Cylix, your data may be compromised. So it is advised to ensure that you have highly sensitive data encrypted at all times. It can shield you from any malware attacks or similar threats.

Can I see my data outside my project?

In Cylix, you may export the project from your device to a local disk on your computer with regular Save As for one document or Bulk Export features. You can click on the project and select the option for exporting. Make sure that you export your data to a safe location on your computer.

Cylix gives utmost importance to data encryption. You can entrust us with your sensitive data without any hesitation. Your information is safe with us!

How Cylix Does Data Encryption
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How Cylix Does Data Encryption
Data encryption is the answer to protecting your valuable data, and nobody wants their sensitive information in the hands of strangers. Encryption ensures that any unauthorized access to your data is preventable. Are you hesitant in providing your sensitive data to Cylix? This article will remove your doubts.
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