Today we announce the launch of Cylix, a new application set to help centralize, save, manage and access formal and informal content. Launched on Mac, Windows and Linux, it offers a cross platform solution for personal knowledge management. It comes to address a growing concern regarding rising fees for applications which were previously free, companies harvesting user data and weak security features.

The application, free for personal, education and charity use, allows users to create, edit or view notes which can be pieces of formatted text, a webpage or an excerpt, a copied text and image from a Microsoft Office document (Word or Excel), a PDF file, a photo, a code snippet with syntax highlighting or an embedded video. Furthermore, notes can be turned into large documents. Notes can be exported, sorted, edited, searched. Users benefit from password protected information to prevent unauthorized access whilst data is encrypted locally with industry strong encryption standards.

Currently we support Windows 7 and Windows 10, MacOS El Capitan and Sierra, Linux Mint 18 and Ubuntu 16.04. We plan on further expanding the support on Linux to more distributions and versions. Cylix is still on beta, meaning there are several known issues which will be further addressed in the coming releases.