Full List of Features

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Application features

  • Create, save, close project

  • Export and Import project data in XML format

  • Search text in documents

  • Add folders and items

  • Tree view for all items and folders

  • Move items up and down

  • Drag & drop items between folders

  • Save As external documents

  • Remove folders and items

  • Rename folders and items

  • Copy, cut, paste, duplicate items

  • Print documents

Import & Export Folders

  • Import bulk PDF documents

  • Import bulk Web/Html documents

  • Import bulk code snippet documents

  • Import bulk images

  • Import bulk text documents

  • Import bulk SVG documents

  • Export bulk PDF documents

  • Export bulk Web/Html documents

  • Export bulk code snippet documents

  • Export bulk images

  • Export bulk text documents

  • Export bulk SVG documents

Web WYSIWYG Editor


  • Basic styling – such as bold and italic

  • Pixel precision font size – change font size with pixel precision. No more “small”, “medium”, “large” and nothing between them

  • Font family customization – give your text some personality using different font family from your custom list of available fonts

  • Paragraph formatting – use normal paragraphs, write some code or just highlight ideas using headings

  • Undo & Redo buttons

  • Selection details – quick glance at editor’s toolbar is enough to see your current font family, font size and paragraph format

  • Line Breaker – makes it possible to enter a new line after a table even if it is the last element in the editor

  • Subscript, superscript, strikethrough – for basic math editing capabilities

Rich Content

  • Link support

  • Plain text paste – automatic removal of unwanted styling when pasting from external sources

  • Copy Paste of text and images from browsers – take a snippet of data, images included, from the article of choice and copy paste it hassle free

  • Copy Paste from Microsoft Office – move text and images from your Office documents. The web editor cleans all the unnecessary code and make the document just look good

  • Image support – copy paste, upload or paste an Url to insert an image

  • Image editing – drag & drop images to reposition them, click to resize, change their alignment, make them links, replace or delete them

  • Embedded video – insert videos by pasting the embedded code into the rich text editor

  • Video edit – resize, change video alignment, remove or preview it directly from the editor’s interface without having to leave the page

  • Tables – keep your data organized using tables, with both basic and advanced operations on cells, rows and columns

  • Table sell selection – editor comes with a special table cell selection feature that offers users the same experience as in any browser

  • Table resize – table might not necessarily need the whole page width and not all columns are the same. Resize them for a great appearance

  • Table editing – the table edit popup offers an easy and intuitive way to edit the entire table, one or multiple cells

  • TAB Key in table – use the TAB key to jump through table cells or insert a new row if TAB is pressed in the last table cell

  • Emoticons – express your emotions easier with emoticons rather than words. Very desired by users and possible in the editor

  • Quote – with multiple quote levels, our rich text editor successfully handles different cases where quoting is required

  • Horizontal line – use horizontal rules to separate your edited content and split it into pages when the content is printed

  • Char counter – shows at all time the number of characters in a document


  • 508 Compliant – rich text editor is compliant with Section 508 Accessibility Program

  • WCAG 2.0 Compliant – editor follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

  • WAI-ARIA Compliant – a beautiful user interface with increased accessibility, thanks to the WAI-ARIA specifications

  • Shortcuts – intuitive shortcuts enable a faster editing experience and you can even forget about your mouse

Markdown Editor

  • Basic styling – such as bold and italic

  • Spell checker

  • Ordered & unordered lists

  • Quotes

  • Links

  • Images

  • Toggle Preview

  • Toggle Side by Side

Spreadsheets Editor

  • Bind Rows with Headers – Bind rows with headers to lock the row number and always display one beside the other.

  • Collapsing Columns – Expand and collapse columns to better fit the content.

  • Column Summary – Make pre-defined calculations and display the results

  • Dropdown Menu – Menu to the heading to enable additional operations for the columns.

  • Filtering – Display rows that meet your criteria and hide the rest.

  • Header Tooltips – Display the header label in a tooltip

  • Hiding Columns – Hide specific columns and show the rest.

  • Hiding Rows – Hide specific rows and show the rest.

  • Nested Headers – Create a nested, hierarchical structure of headers to get your data into groups.

  • Trimming Rows – Exclude specific rows from the rendering process so they won’t be displayed.

  • Alignment – Decide where the content is placed within the cell or a range of cells.

  • Autocomplete – Choose one of the suggested options while typing or entering a custom value.

  • Checkbox – Add a checkbox to a cell to indicate binary choices.

  • Comments – Provide an additional note about the cell to help better understand its content.

  • Conditional Formatting – Define how specific cells are formatted depending on their values.

  • Selection details – quick glance at editor’s toolbar is enough to see your current font family, font size and paragraph format

  • Line Breaker – makes it possible to enter a new line after a table even if it is the last element in the editor

  • Custom Buttons – Insert and remove column or row using custom action buttons

  • Custom HTML – Display HTML content in a cell or header.

  • Data Validation – Control what values can be entered into a cell.

  • Date – Use a date picker to select a date.

  • Disable Cell Editing – Make cell non-editable without changing its appearance and behaviour.

  • Drag-down – Drag the fill handle (a square in the bottom right corner of the cell) to fill cells with data series.

  • Dropdown – Create an advanced dropdown list of choices in a cell.

  • Fixed Rows & Columns – Define which rows or columns are visible while scrolling down or across the table.

  • Freezing – Create freeze columns to keep them visible while scrolling.

  • Highlighting Current – Indicate the entire active column or row.

  • Merge Cells – Display cells across multiple rows or columns.

  • Moving – Drag rows or columns to swap them within the table.

  • Numeric – Type a custom number format in a cell.

  • Pagination – Limit the number of records being displayed in a single view.

  • Passwords – Use asterisks to mask the value in a cell.

  • Pre-populating New Rows – Create empty cells with predefined types or values

  • Read-Only – Lock the cell or a range of cells to disallow altering them.

  • Resizing – Drag the sizing handle to change the size of column or row.

  • Scrolling – Use native scrollbars to navigate within the table.

  • Search for Values – Search through the content with the search field.

  • Select – Create a simple dropdown list of choices in a cell.

  • Sorting Data – Sort data in ascending or descending order throughout the column.

PDF Viewer

  • Thumbnail view on document sidebar

  • Search in document with highlighting and case matching

  • Go to Previous/Next Page

  • Current page number

  • Jump to page

  • Zoom in/out

  • Predefined zoom

  • Go to First/Last Page

  • Rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise

  • Handtool

  • View document properties

  • Copy Paste text selection or entire document

Code Editor

  • Support for over 100 languages out of the box

  • A powerful, composable language mode system

  • Code completion

  • Basic formatting – copy, paste, cut, undo, redo, wrap text, show line numbers

  • Print

  • Code folding

  • Emacs and Sublime Text bindings

  • Bracket and tag matching

  • Various themes

Image Editor

  • Open various formats – jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif, pbm, pgm, ppm, xbm, xpm

  • Get image information

  • Invert colours

  • Sharpen

  • Edge

  • Smooth

  • Colour adjustment

  • Crop

  • Resize

  • Rotate left/right

  • Undo/Redo

  • Zoom In/Out

  • Fit to window

  • Reset

Text Editor

  • Copy/Copy All and Paste functionality

  • Cut

  • Align Left, Right, Center, Justify

  • Undo/Redo

  • Wrap text

  • Show line numbers

  • Diff – select two items and compare

Svg Editor

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