//The Outlining Method for Better Windows Note Taking

The Outlining Method for Better Windows Note Taking

Regardless if you are in high school or Uni or preparing to take notes at a work meeting, you may find that trying to write down everything the lecturer or speaker says is not the best way taking notes, even if you type like a master.

In another post, we mentioned the Cornell Method of note taking that could help you write information in a way that you retain more of it. This post is about another traditional note-taking strategy called the Outlining Method.

What we like regarding this approach is that you have to do some thinking while you’re taking the notes. In other words, you have to be more engaged while you’re in class or meeting. Aforementioned automatically translates to better retention. But note that it is best suited for lectures and presentations where you have some time to think. Since you need to organize what you hear into separate parts in the outline system, you must process the information you hear before putting it down in a suitable place.

What is the Outlining Method?

In this Windows note-taking strategy, you use a system of bullets or dashes to organize information. It is an excellent way for most subjects in class and also at workplace meetings, as long as there is no math involved. Here is what the format should be: The most general bit of information starts close to the margin at the left. As you get more accurate with the points, you are noting down you should indent them to the right.

As you take notes in this way, you’ll find yourself developing a system in which you follow an indentation format that brings out the relationships between the different points.

Bullet points, dashes, and even asterisks can be used for this system of taking notes. One major advantage of this system is you don’t need to use any Roman numerals, decimals and other markings to assign levels of importance to each point. How significant a point is will depend on how far you indent it from the margin.

Consider this example:

– Windows Note Taking Methods
-Cornell method
-method: separate page into two columns
-no disadvantages

-Outlining method
– method: use bullet points and dashes
– useful for recording points as well as relationships
– not useful for lectures too fast

The example above demonstrates how the outlining method works in note-taking.

Outlining Method with Cornell Method for Windows Note Taking on Cylix

You can use the outlining method to take notes on Cylix. Simply open up a text editor or a web editor (preferable for its support for bullets) and get typing. You can even combine the outlining method with the Cornell note taking system.

To do this, you’ll need to draw a two-column table in the Web Editor. The column on the left will be the bit where you add keywords or labels to remind you of key pieces of information. The column on the right will contain points relevant to the keyword. In the second column, you can use the Outlining system to further show levels of importance in the information you’re noting.

Why the Outlining Plus Cornell System is Powerful

When you have a dual column system like the Cornell system, your notes are better organized. It is easier to see information instantly when you revise. The main ideas in the notes will immediately pop out long after a lecture. The outlining system is an excellent system for showing relationships between points at a glance. Of course, you can continue to create your abbreviations and symbols for faster writing.

Reviewing is also very important, ideally right after the lecture. If possible, review the notes daily, and you’ll remember the information in your records best. When you revise your notes, cover the right column with a sheet of paper while you run through the main points in detail. This process will help you push the information into your long term memory, and you can pull it out when you want.

What do you think of the Outlining Method? Do you use it often for Windows note taking? Do you prefer the Cornell Method? Share what you think!

The Outlining Method for Better Windows Note Taking
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The Outlining Method for Better Windows Note Taking
Regardless if you are in high school or Uni or preparing to take notes at a work meeting, you may find that trying to write down everything the lecturer or speaker says is not the best way taking notes, even if you type like a master.
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