Linux has come quite far since its developer-only days. Granted, it doesn’t yet have widespread desktop adoption. But a lot more enterprises and the public cloud are using it. Even hackers have taken notice in a ransomware attack (Erebus) in South Korea. What Linux doesn’t have a lot of is access to good note-taking and knowledge management software, at least, not in comparison to Windows and MacOS.

Linux software for note-taking is limited to a handful. Some of the modern Windows and Mac applications that Linux users would like access to don’t have native clients for Linux.

Plus, when it comes to developers, there is a need for good writing software that lets you paste a block of code and recognizes syntax. With Cylix, we have tried to fill this gap in the market. On our latest update 1.0 for Linux, we have added support for more Linux versions.

Cylix now runs smoothly on:
• Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10, 17.04
• Mint 17.3, 18.2
• Fedora 24, 25
• Debian 8.7.1

Here are some of the productivity features that Linux users will particularly appreciate in Cylix:

Hierarchical File Structure – Many note-taking apps in the market today use a tagging system for organizing notes. It is not a very intuitive system even if it is searchable. You will need a separate system for organizing your tags before you can begin to use them to organize your notes! Many Linux users accustomed to the tree-like hierarchical system will feel at home with the ability in Cylix to place a note in a folder. All your notes and project files will be visible right before you on the left panel, for easy access.

Syntax Highlighting – Programmers will appreciate the extensive library of programming languages for which Cylix offers syntax highlighting support. We have steadily worked to extend the database of languages for which we provide syntax highlight. In the latest update across platforms, we have added support for:
C++, C, PHP, Python, Java, C#, Javascript, XML, JSP, VisualBasic, SVG, Haskel, Lisp, Fortran, Perl, Matlab, Ruby, OCaml. There is a whole list of other languages supported.

In-program Image Editing – If you have an image note that you’d like to edit quickly, you don’t have to pull out GIMP or Darktable. You can work on your photos in the Editor, with commands like Sharpen, Invert Colors, Color Adjust, Smoothe, Resize, Crop. Cylix supports icon format .xbm, simple .pbm, .xpm and more, besides the standard .jpg and .bmp. Building a website? Store all your image files and icons on your Cylix project before they come together on Aptana, Eclipse, JetBrains IDEs or your preferred website editor.

Cylix is a Truly Free Linux Software 
Linux platform users have grown up on open-source software that doesn’t harvest user information or charge ridiculous fees for use. Our Linux software offers better security than most of them too. Cylix intends to offer these features for free while adding more in subsequent releases. The monthly Pro subscription for the full version is a $2 per user, which only contains a few additional features that businesses need, like 24/7 email support and emergency hot fixes. We are so confident in what we have built that we offer six months free trial.

Here’s to our love of free knowledge, knowledge management and the Linux mindset!


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Unhindered Productivity on Linux Software for Taking Notes
Linux software for note-taking is limited to a handful. Some of the modern Windows and Mac applications that Linux users would like access to don't have native clients for Linux. 
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