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Cylix Yubikey One Time Password


Cylix supports Yubikey One Time Password Hardware Authentication

Use Cylix with Yubikey OTP natively and securely to store data, documents, note, and secrets. NO secrets ever touched or stored by Cylix team or any other third party for the matter.

How to use Cylix with Yubikey OTP implemented?

Cylix Yubi key plugin is implemented in C++ using the QT framework, as a service plugin (no visual contribution) on top of the published Yubi libraries. The plugin is dynamically loaded at the start time and the status is displayed on the Settings panel under the Service Plugins tab. If the plugin is loaded, and the Yubi key is inserted, the “Set” button of the “Set YubiKey Password” text field in General Settings tab is enabled. The decryption key is derived from the password using PBKDF2 algorithm so it is important that a long password is used. Yubi supports a length of 32 characters for the password which would yield good results for decryption key via PBKDF2.

How to set a Yubikey password on Slot 2

If you do not already have a static password set on your Yubikey Slot 2, you must set one in order to be able to use Cylix with Yubikey OTP. In order to do this, click on the Settings button on the bottom left-hand corner or press F2 key.
Type your password, preferably as close as possible to 32 characters in length then click on the Set button. You should now be able to create a new project, and in the Password and Confirm Password areas, long press your Yubikey button until your pre-saved password is filled in from your key